Initially idea tended to be a project, which was just an experiment, but later transformed into a band, that still continues its journey.


In 2003 Michael Lenz wrote four musical compositions influenced by dark and endless athmosphere of Herman Hesse's poem "Im Nebel".
These expressions as a form were transferred into the sound of music. With Sergiy Ermolaev they decided to 
form the band in the middle of 2004.
After several sessions, drummer Dmitry Mazmanov joined in the end of 2005. Keyboardist Helen Chobanyan joined in the May 2006, vocalist Vasil Doiashvili in June of the same year. The band started to arrange and write additional material.
Later work transformed in the first album. The band performed gigs between 2008-2009.
It was the end of first era for the band when Dmitry and Helen left. New members joined the band, guitarist Grigol Lobjanidze, and
drummer Tim Lomidze. For the next three years band focused mainly on live performance, but continued work on new album material.
Recording sessions of second album failed many times, due to personal and technical issues, which caused Tim, Sergiy, and later Vasil to leave the band. Drummer Nick Rukhadze joined in 2014, together with Grigol and Michael they started rearranging songs from second
album, to fit material along with refreshed playability and new v
iews. Within this period, Michael learned sound engineering teqniques, later in March 2016 band released first single called "Undestroyed", feauturing Michael's old friend, Alexander Leiman on bass guitar and new vocalist Alexander Gurchumelia joined Im Nebel's line-up in the same year. Only in December 2016 drums for second album have been professionally recorded. Works continues.


Michael Lenz (guitars, vocals), since 2006
Gregory Lobjanidze (guitars), since 2009
Nick Rukhadze (drums), since 2014
Alex Gurchumelia (bass, vocals), since 2016

Past members:
Dmitry Mazmanov (drums) 2006 – 2009
Helen Chobanyan (keyboards) 2006 – 2009
Tim Lomidze (drums) 2010 – 2013
Sergiy Ermolaev (bass) 2006 - 2013
Vasil Doiashvili (vocals) 2006 - 2014

Special guests:
Alexander Leiman (bass) - 2016
Paata Baramidze (drums) - 2009
Sergi Shengelia (guitars) - 2008
Nick Rukhadze (drums) - 2008